STENOCARE approved to supply Danish patients with medical cannabis oil products

STENOCARE A/S NASDAQ FIRST NORTH GROWTH MARKET, DENMARK TICKER:  STENO STENOCARE A/S (“STENOCARE”) hereby announces that it has received approval from The Danish Medicines Agency to sell a new medical cannabis oil product to Danish patients. With this, STENOCARE once again becomes the only supplier of medical cannabis oil products under the Danish Pilot Programme.

STENOCARE is a supplier of prescription-based medical cannabis products for patients’ treatment. The company has experience delivering prescription-based products for patients in Denmark and Sweden, and now re-enters the Danish market with medical cannabis oil products. The source is AgMEDICA Bioscience from Canada.

The product is called “THC Olie STENOCARE” and contains 30 mg/mL THC. The new product has been examined by The Danish Medicines Agency for compliance with the Danish Pilot Programme and its strict quality standards. After a very thorough process, the product has now been accepted into the Danish program.

The new product from STENOCARE becomes the first and only oil product available for patients under the Programme. It is expected that the new product will be available for patients during Q1 2022 pending international import and export certificates. STENOCARE is working with the Danish Medicines Agency to have further two products approved for the Pilot Programme, and the products are a CBD oil and a mixed THC-CBD oil.

Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg, CEO of STENOCARE is commenting:

“This announcement marks an important milestone for STENOCARE and our regulatory work with the Danish Medicines Agency. In 2018, we were the first and only to have medical cannabis oil products accepted for the Danish Pilot Programme. This new approval shows that patience and perseverance pay off and we are both pleased and honored that we are now once again the first and only supplier of oil-products to Danish patients under the Pilot Programme.”