STENOCARE: The deadline for using TO1 Warrants is Dec 19

STENOCARE A/S NASDAQ FIRST NORTH GROWTH MARKET, DENMARK TICKER:  STENO STENOCARE A/S (Stenocare) is currently offering new shares at a discounted rate of DKK 2.11 for TO1 Warrant owners. The deadline for using (exercising) TO1 Warrants is end of business day December 19

Deadline for using TO1 Warrants to purchase shares: The important deadline for using TO1 Warrant is December 19 at 16:59 (CET). Warrant owners have the opportunity to use (ie. exercising) the warrants before the deadline. Investors that are interested in subscribing for the discounted new Stenocare shares at DKK 2.11 must contact their bank and give instruction to exercise the TO1 warrants.

The offer: Stenocare completed a Share Issue in June 2023 that was subscribed with 127%. The participants also received additional rights to purchase more Stenocare shares at a discounted price during December 2023 and June 2024. These rights are called “TO1 Warrants” and ”TO2 Warrants”. The TO1 Warrants have also been traded until December 15.

The offer for TO1 Warrant owners is a right to buy one new Stenocare share at a discounted price of DKK 2.11 per share for each TO1 Warrant they own. This offer is only available until the deadline.

Important action for TO1 Warrant owners wishing to purchase shares: Before the deadline December 19 (16:59 CET), it is important that TO1 Warrant owners contact their bank and give instruction of using the TO1 Warrants to purchase the discounted Stenocare shares for DKK 2.11 each. Warrant owners are advised to check with their bank, if their bank has different deadlines for processing the instruction.

CEO of Stenocare, Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg, comments: "We are near the important deadline for the TO1 Warrants to purchase Stenocare at the discounted price. It is important that the warrant owners are aware that TO1 Warrants are not automatically converted into Stenocare shares. They need to contact their bank and give instructions to use the warrant for purchasing the Stenocare shares.”

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