STENOCARE is ready to start delivery of their THC oil products to Danish patients

STENOCARE A/S NASDAQ FIRST NORTH GROWTH MARKET, DENMARK TICKER:  STENO This is a follow-up from the press release 07.01.2022, that announced STENOCARE had received product approval from the Danish Medicines Agency to have a medical cannabis oil product accepted into the Danish Pilot Programme.

Waiting time is over and sales can begin: STENOCARE has now completed the import of the new medical cannabis oil product into Denmark. The product is named THC Olie STENOCARE and is available in 30 mL bottles with a strength of 30 mg/mL THC and <0.1 mg/mL CBD. Dosing is delivered via an oral syringe.

The new product will be available via Danish pharmacies starting May 16 and requires a prescription from a doctor.

More information about the product is available on the homepage of The Danish Medicines Agency (in Danish):

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CEO Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg comments:

”The waiting is over and the products are ready for sales in Denmark. We have worked relentless for two years with the Danish Medicines Agency to be able to introduce a new product. The regulatory and quality requirements are the strictest in the world, and therefore we are extra proud to be the only supplier of this product for the Danish Pilot Programme. We look forward to starting delivery of the product in Denmark.”

Sole supplier in Denmark: STENOCARE is the only company with an approved medical cannabis oil product for the Danish Pilot Programme. This means that STENOCARE is again able to leverage the first mover opportunities in Denmark.