STENOCARE: Notification of changes in major shareholding and increased holding of own shares.

Part One: STENOCARE A/S hereby notifies about changes in major shareholding as a result of an agreement reached between the Founders of STENOCARE and CannTrust. According to the agreement, the Founders will receive back all remaining shares in STENOCARE, previously held by CannTrust as shown in the table below. Part Two: At the same time, the Founders have decided to forward 50 to 60% of these shares to STENOCARE as a non-cash contribution. Combining with yesterday’s market message, this means that a total of minimum 11% of the outstanding shares become own shares for the benefit of all existing shareholders.

 Part One: Notification of changes in major shareholding

   BeforeBefore After After
   Shares Share of capital SharesShare of capital
  CannTrust 1.420.455 15,9% 0 0%
 Founder STENO Group IVS (Rolf Steno, CCO) 1.502.841 16,8% 2.000.000 22,4%
 Founder Prana Holding ApS (Thomas S. Schnegelsberg, CEO) 1.335.228 14,9% 1.761.365 19,7%
 Founder MS Kjær Holding ApS (Søren Kjær, COO) 1.289.773 14,4% 1.715.910 19,2%
 Founder Kompas Administration A/S66.7340,7%137.7561,5%

Note: CannTrust’s total shareholding was 1.693.182 before 272.727 were given to STENOCARE
Note: The total outstanding share capital of STENOCARE A/S is 8.942.763.


When STENOCARE was founded in 2017, the Founders entered into a partnership agreement with CannTrust against 25% of their shares in STENOCARE, corresponding to 1.420.455 shares in total (the “CannTrust shares”). The parties have now entered into an agreement whereby CannTrust hands back these shares to the Founders. After this transaction, CannTrust is no longer a shareholder in STENOCARE. The CannTrust shares represent 15.9% of the current outstanding share capital.

Part Two: Today, it was also agreed that the Founders will inject 50 to 60% of the CannTrust shares as a non-cash contribution to STENOCARE. The founders have confirmed that none of the remaining CannTrust shares will be for sale in the public market for a minimum of 12 months. Final details about the transfer of the Founders’ CannTrust shares will be communicated in due time.