STENOCARE – Today is the first day of subscribing for the share issue

Today, 27 May 2020, marks the first day of subscribing for the STENOCARE share issue on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark. New investors and existing shareholders are given a unique offering to subscribe for 3 New Shares at DKK 20 per share and get 1 free bonus share. This offer equals an average price of DKK 15 per share

STENOCARE is today starting the subscription period, May 27 to June 11, and invites both existing shareholders and new investors to join the share issue. The company is raising up to DKK 45 mill for its ambitious growth plan to become a leading European brand within medical cannabis, as set out in our Prospectus dated 11 May 2020.

Subscribers receive a unique discount in the share issue. Buy 3 New Shares at DKK 20 per share and get 1 free bonus share from the STENOCARE Founders. This offer is equal to an average price of DKK 15 per share.

The share issue is a “Rights Issue” and gives priority to existing shareholders and owners of subscription rights. With these rights the subscriber is guaranteed a minimum number of New Shares in case of an oversubscription. For every 6 subscription right owned – it guarantees purchase of 1 New Share at DKK 20.

The procedure for subscription is managed via the bank. Follow these steps:

  1. Only for existing shareholders and owners/buyers of subscription rights: Subscribe for the number of New Shares that is guaranteed with the subscription rights. You should use your banks system under “Corporate Actions” (which is a bank-term for ongoing issues of shares, etc.) or instruct your bank manager. If you want to subscribe for more New Shares than those covered by your subscription rights (you need 6 rights to buy one share at 20dkk), then you can either buy additional rights in the market or subscribe for additional shares without rights as described in  step 2 or 3 below.
  2. For everybody that want to subscribe for New Shares in the General Subscription (extra shares): This is available for existing shareholders as well as new investors with preference for existing shareholders. Your bank should have information in their Corporate Actions online menu about the STENOCARE share issue, that enables you to subscribe for as many New Shares as you would like. You should follow their instruction. There is no minimum or maximum limit you can subscribe for. In some banks it is difficult/impossible to use their system for General Subscription, i.e. subscription without rights. In that case, or you should follow step 3.
  3. General fall-back for everybody that want to subscribe for New Shares: You can use the general subscription form available on the STENOCARE investor page. You should complete the form and send it to your bank before June 11.  Get the subscription form here.

STENOCARE has made the Prospectus, short videos, QA’s and other information available on the company investor site: