STENOCARE A/S experiences positive demand and imports the second batch of medical cannabis oil products

STENOCARE A/S (“STENOCARE”) today announces that the company has received its second batch of medical cannabis oil, which the company imports from its strategic partner CannTrust Inc. in Canada.  This delivery is in line with STENOCARE’s stated objective for Q4 2018, that was communicated in the memorandum that was established in connection with the IPO in September/October 2018. This delivery will also put the company on-track to meet its objective of supplying approx. 2,100 treatments during Q4 2018, and secure products are available for treatment of Danish patients.

Since the products were introduced on the Danish market in September 2018, STENOCARE’s medical cannabis oil products have been prescribed to patients with multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and nausea caused by treatment with chemotherapy. The three medical cannabis oil products from STENOCARE are still the only available oil products in the Danish Program for medical cannabis. These three products give physicians the full choice of medical cannabis with CBD, THC or a combined CBD/THC treatment.

With this new shipment, STENOCARE is showing its commitment to secure supply for Danish patients. The commercial director of STENOCARE, Rolf Steno comments:

“We are closely monitoring the weekly sales across our distribution channels to have products ready for patients at all the Danish pharmacies. We have heard concerns from politicians, that there might be challenges securing supply for Denmark. With our ongoing market monitoring and import of products – we will be able to meet the entire demand from all Danish patients”.

In parallel with the ongoing sales of imported products, STENOCARE is busy with the cultivation facility project in Denmark. The project is progressing in accordance with the established timeline, with a communicated objective to start the process during Q4 2018, which was communicated in the memorandum in connection to the IPO