Danish cannabis cultivation commenced

STENOCARE announces that cultivation of medical cannabis plants has commenced at its facility in Jutland, and that the first harvest is expected later during Q3 2019.

Today’s announcement is in line with the latest press release relating to own production, dated March 29, 2019. This is an important milestone towards being able to produce uniform quality, which is the next milestone towards having self-produced medical cannabis products approved for the Danish medical cannabis Program.

STENOCARE’s indoor hygienic facility enables monitoring and control of all the vital parameters for growth of uniform and high-quality medical cannabis that complies with the strictest regulatory requirements. Now, a period of growing, harvesting, testing and adjusting the processes and equipment that enables consistent output quality from each batch will commence. STENOCARE will continue to leverage the know-how and technical assistance from its strategic partner, CannTrust Inc, during this period.