Important information about STENOCARE products

STENOCARE has during the medical cannabis pilot programme had three cannabis oil products on the Danish Medicines Agency’s list of cannabis products for medical use. These products are no longer available in Denmark.

A new supplier has been found and STENOCARE is working on getting their products approved for the Danish medical cannabis pilot programme.

Oral dosing syringe guide

Oral dosing syringe

Oral dosing syringe delivered with the product. Watch the video below to see how it is used.

The dosing syringe consists of 3 parts: Plastic insert + lid + syringe

Tutorial dosage videos

Below are 2 different tutorials for dosing medical cannabis oil. Consult your doctor or pharmacist about which method is best for you. 

Tutorial 1:
The above video shows how to use the dosing syringe WITH the plastic insert.

Tutorial 2:
The above video shows how to use the dosing syringe WITHOUT the plastic insert

Practical idea for tutorial 2:
The above video shows a practical solution to prevent the bottle from tipping over.

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