Cannabis oil dosage

Dosage principles

There is no scientific definition available for the dosage of medical cannabis for various diseases (indications). Dosage is very individual and must be adapted to each patient by testing the effect.


STENOCARE dosage medical cannabis

Patients with no experience in medical cannabis are recommended to start treatment at a very low dose and discontinue treatment when any adverse effects are experienced.

Dosage in connection with initiation of treatment with medical cannabis


Start at a very low dose

Slowly increase the dose over time until the desired effect is felt

It is important to follow the doctor’s dosage instructions. If you are unsure about the effect or if you experience adverse effects, you should consult your doctor. The patient should record the daily intake and dosage in a diagram so that this can be used in the dialogue with the doctor – and thus help to achieve the right dosage and effect. The link below is an example of how such a diagram might look.

DIAGRAM for download: “Patient dosage diagram”



Experience from abroad indicates that there is no direct correlation between increased dose and increased desired effect. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that a large dose is equal to a significant effect. Medical cannabis combines with the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, which means that even very low doses may produce an effect.

There are various methods of ingesting medical cannabis. Cannabis oil can be ingested by means of an oral dosing syringe or capsules. The dried cannabis can be mixed in food (e.g. cakes) or it can be inhaled via the airways (e.g. a vaporiser). Some patients will benefit from using several of these methods depending on their course of disease. One method takes a little longer before showing an effect and it produces a longer lasting effect while other methods very quickly produce full effect for a shorter period. Smoking of medical cannabis is not recommended because of the risk of damage to the lungs and airways.

Dosage at oral ingestion

Swallowing (oral ingestion) is done in the form of medical cannabis oil and capsules. Either a capsule is swallowed with water or the oil is measured using a small oral syringe – where the oil is placed under the tongue to be absorbed into the body for optimum effect.

Starting with a low dose and slowly increasing the dose is recommended. Wait at least 4 hours before a new oral dose is ingested. Generally, the daily dose is divided into 3-4 oral intakes, or a single intake before bedtime to achieve a longer-lasting effect. It is important that you follow your doctor’s dosing instructions.

Dosage by inhalation with vaporiser

If you want to inhale medical cannabis, a so-called “vaporiser” (inhaler) can be used.  The vaporiser is an atomiser that heats the medical cannabis so that the vapour from the plant parts can be inhaled.  It is important to emphasise that you do not smoke the medical cannabis, but only inhale the clean vapours. Smoking medical cannabis should be avoided as this method will add unwanted toxins from the tobacco. The pharmacy sells approved vaporisers for use at home and on the go. A vaporiser has a thermostat, which ensures that a heating to 180-195 degrees takes place, which is the correct combustion temperature.

This method causes the effect to be felt quickly after the first inhalation, and full effect is also obtained faster.