Privacy Policy

STENOCARE processes personal information that you provide to us as well as information collected by us in compliance with EU data protection rules. We are aware of the fact that your personal data are to be treated with the utmost confidentiality and out of respect for your privacy.

Here you can read more about how we handle your personal data and how we respect and protect your privacy.

Contact information:

If you have any further questions as to our processing of your personal data, please feel free to contact STENOCARE. You can reach STENOCARE in the following ways:


Telefon: +45 3171 0060

General about data protection

We process personal data as part of the organisation’s operational activities, in information related to use of our website. This personal data policy describes how, and for what purpose, we process your information.

Transparency and consent

You have either fully or partially received, or receive, information when you register your data with STENOCARE. This information is related to a specific purpose for which the data is processed.

Upon request we can inform you about the basis for, and our legitimate interest in, processing your personal data.

Transfer of personal data 

We do not transfer personal data to a third party.

Rights of Registered Person  

As someone who has registered (data subject) you have the following rights according to EU Personal Data Regulation

The following apply to our treatment of these rights, plus how you as a data subject can exercise them.

As registered person you have the right to: 

  • Insight into which personal data we process about you, where it comes from, and what we apply it to. You can also be informed how long we store your personal data
  • Correction of erroneous information
  • Deletion of information which is no longer relevant or where the basis for its processing no longer exists, including if the consent is withdrawn.
  • Challenge incorrect processing
  • Limit processing of the personal data that is provided in connection with a given purpose
  • Data movement of your personal information to another provider of the same service
  • Withdrawal of consent
  • Submit a complaint to the authorities

The data responsible shall, without unnecessary delay, inform the data subject how the organisation handles the data subject’s execution of these rights.

How do you exercise your rights? 

Whenever you as data subject wish to exercise your rights in connection with the personal information that is provided for a specific purpose, then you shall, as data subject, right an email to, in which it is included that you wish to exercise your right to access. 

At STENOCARE we have processes that ensure we can comply with requests from data subjects that wish to exercise their rights.

If your challenge is valid, we will ensure that your application is complied with without unnecessary delay.

Right to submit a claim to the authorities 

In so far as you as data subject wish to exercise your right to submit a complaint to the authorities then this can be done by contacting Datatilsynet. On the Datatilsynet´s website it is possible to make a complaint.

What do we use your data for?
(Processing of personal data)  

We treat data about you to comply with our obligations as data responsible, plus to fulfil contracts and in connection with (data) treatment, to which consent is given.

The data we treat includes:

Normal personal data

  • Name, email, telephone number

We collect and store your data in connection with specific purposes or other legitimate interests

This happens when:

You use a contact form on our website
We receive an email where we only use the information you provide in the form to contact you. We process the information based on the consent you provide on the website in connection with filling out the contact form. The consent is our legitimate basis for processing in accordance with article 6, paragraph 1, point a of the Personal Data Regulation.

We shall fulfil a contract which is signed with the organisation you represent
We store and process your name, telephone number and contact email. Fulfilment of the contract is our legitimate processing reason according to the personal data regulation´s article 6, paragraph 1, point b.

Part of the invoicing of delivered services we process the contact person’s name plus email  

Our legitimate processing reason is according to the personal data regulation´s article 6, paragraph 1, point f (balancing rule)

We process the contact name, email and telephone number as part of potential future cooperation.
Our legitimate processing reason is according to the personal data regulation´s article 6, paragraph 1, point f (balancing rule)

You are a shareholder and listed in the share register
Our legitimate basis is Selskabsloven §49a about Shareholder Identification

We process only relevant personal data about you 

We process only personal information about you which is relevant and sufficient in relation to the purposes to which the data is collected. Which information that is sufficient and relevant is dependent on the purposes for which it is used.

With submission of your information you will be informed about the reasons we collect the individual information. We collect, process and store only the personal information that is necessary in relation to the purposes for which it is collected.

There can be legal requirements which are applicable to the data responsible and hence the reason why we collect, process and store personal information.

You can always apply for access in accordance with the process above.

We continuously update personal data when it is possible 

We check that the personal information we process about you is not incorrect or misleading. We ensure that your personal data is updated continuously.

Many of our services are dependent upon the information is correct and updated. We ask that you inform us of any errors or changes in your personal information.

Processing security

We protect your personal information and have internal rules and processes regarding information security. We have established organisational conditions and processes that protect your personal data from being deleted, lost or changed, and against unauthorised publication and against unauthorised persons obtaining access to or knowledge about you. Only personnel with legitimate or business-related purposes can access the personal information.

Storage and deletion 

We store and process your information only as long as we have legitimate grounds for doing so. 

We delete data according to the following principles: 

Information that is processed on the background of a consent is done so until the consent is withdrawn, or the activity for which the consent is given is no longer offered. In both situations the information is deleted immediately.

In other situations, information is deleted when there no longer exists a requirement for documentation. In this case, information is deleted after five years.

Transfer to a third country

We use Microsoft 365 whereby there can be a transfer of personal information to countries outside the EU. You can see lists of Microsoft’s sub-data processors on Microsoft’s website here.

In some instances, a country is approved by the EU Commission as a so-called “secure third country”, and, or otherwise, data is transferred on the basis of the EU Commissions standard contract conditions.

You can obtain a copy of the standard contract conditions by contacting us via the general contact information shown in this policy.