Detailed Outlook for 2024

While 2023 has shown success in Denmark in terms of sales volume, leading to all time high actual sales, it is equally important to point out that sales are expected to reach 15mDKKK in 2024 (+/-20%) leading to projected break-even by end 2024. This outlook is based upon a number of sources and strategic initiatives that have been worked on and invested into by Stenocare since 2019. These include:

  1. Denmark: The successful build-up of sales volumes in Denmark in 2023 is expected to continue into 2024 with the expectation that the 3 core product will be approved and made available to patients early in the year
  2. International: All 5 international markets, in which Stenocare has sales of approved products, represent current and imminent potential: Germany, UK, Australia, Norway and Sweden. Stenocare management will revert with individual market updates that will elaborate on the potential and expectations. This will include an update on more new products and more new markets are being prepared for launch, license and entry.
  3. Innovation: Stenocare expects to be able to announce its first next generation cannabis oil products which is designed to set new pharma grade standards for efficacy and potency of medical cannabis. The potential of this patented product is global.
  4. Own cultivation: Stenocare aims to bring the first products from its world class cultivation facility to market. Launch of new products is subject to exact/final timing of receipt of license.