STENOCARE: How to receive TO1 Warrant Compensation


The promise: On November 29, 2023, STENOCARE announced the decision to amend the terms relating to the now completed exercise of TO1 Warrants. As part of this, the set minimum (and maximum) price for exercise of the TO1 warrant was removed. This was done to honor the promises of a 30% discount to all TO1 subscribers made at the time of the rights issue in June 2023.

The Compensation Offer: The announcement on November 29, 2023 also included an offer for compensation for TO1 Warrant owners that would realise a loss due to the amended terms. Stenocare announced compensation details on December 6. The offer is for TO1 Warrants owners that 1) sold TO1 warrants before November 29, then 2) repurchased warrants at a loss after November 29 and 3) also exercised these warrants before December 19, 2023. In summary:

  • Condition #1: The warrant holder must have sold warrants of TO1 between 20 June 2023, 9.00 AM (CEST) and 29 November 2023, 4.41 PM (CET)
  • Condition #2: The warrant holder must have purchased TO1 warrants  between 29 November 2023, 4.42 PM (CET) and 15 December 2023, 5.00 PM (CET)
  • Condition #3:  Compensation is given if the warrant holder has realized a loss (ie. purchase price minus sales price)
  • Condition #4: The warrant holder must have exercised the number of warrants of series TO1 between 6 December 2023, 9.00 AM (CET) and 19 December 2023, 5.00 PM (CET) that is being requested for compensation.
  • Detailed terms apply and full bank documentation for related transactions is required. See link below.

The procedure: The TO1 Warrant exercise period has ended, and Stenocare shareholders who fulfill the requirements for the TO1 Warrant compensation ref. above must download, fill in, sign and submit the “Compensation Request Form” from on the Stenocare investor page no later than January 12, 2024. Stenocare will process eligible shareholders requests and transfer compensation payments by end of January 2024.