STENOCARE reports on significant progress in development of its new innovative medical cannabis product

STENOCARE A/S NASDAQ FIRST NORTH GROWTH MARKET, DENMARK TICKER:  STENO STENOCARE A/S (“Stenocare”) has selected an international, highly experienced partner to produce a new and innovative medical cannabis oil product, that has the potential to revolutionize the industry and offer patients improved treatment effect. The new product is based on a patented oil technology, that Stenocare has global exclusivity to use for medical cannabis.

Absorption and dosage are major problems: A common challenge with most classical medicine as well as in medical cannabis is the accuracy of the dosage uptake in the patients. Generally speaking, the human digestive system breaks down everything that is ingested orally. This results in unpredictable dosage volume of the medicine to be absorbed in the blood of the patient. Absorption is individual from patient to patient, and therefore prescribing doctors are challenged with defining the right dosage. For the patient this means that there might not be consistency in effect, time to maximum effect, duration of effect and difference between dosing in either fasted or fed state.

Stenocare to take medical cannabis to the next level: In September 2022, Stenocare published that its new oil technology was tested in a pharmacokinetic study and the results confirmed that Stenocare has the potential to revolutionize the medical cannabis industry. Among other things, the study found remarkable improvements (by a factor of 2.6 to 15) in the uptake in the blood when comparing the new oil technology with oil used in traditional products.

Product in sight this year: Now, Stenocare has chosen an experienced partner to produce the first pilot product. For confidentiality the name of the partner is not disclosed. This work has several stages, including qualification of ingrediencies, technical products test runs, external Lab analysis and stability studies. It is the ambition to have the first final product candidate ready for beginning the regulatory approval process by the end of 2023. This implies that the product is likely to become commercially available during 2024.

CEO of Stenocare, Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg comments: “We are entering the completion phase for our ambitious plan to develop the next generation of medical cannabis oil products. We know that doctors are looking for predictability and scientific documentation, and patients are looking for optimal treatment efficacy. We can address this with our exclusive rights to use the patented new oil technology for medical cannabis, and this has the exciting potential to position Stenocare as a leader of product innovation for our industry.”